1. M

    Info on Old pearl drum kit

    Hi all, I have this old Pearl drum kit. From what I can find out, it is from the 60’s with the gold script badge. They seem to be wrapped in black, but where it’s peeling shows what could be an interesting pattern. I was just wondering if anyone could share any knowledge on the kit and if it...
  2. SomeBadDrummer

    Vintage 1960's Pearl Sparkle Blue kit - value thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I have a vintage 1960's Pearl kit with original blue sparkle wrap, and mostly original hardware (including ancient HH and camco BP). I own another kit and am thinking about selling this one which I picked up on impulse a few years ago at a local music store the day after they...
  3. KenDoken

    Trixon snare restoration

    I acquired a Trixon snare maybe luxor? The original snares were not included amd 14s seemed overlong so tied some 13" wires on and used a hair band to keep engaged. It has a happy tone that i havent heard and looks cute so thought i would give it some love Im aware the original snares with...
  4. Dutch Drummer

    When can you call a drum set or snare drum vintage?

    Dear fellow drummers, Since I was patching up an old steel snare (bought it somewhere around 1988) I was wondering if I could call this snare a vintage snare. My gut feeling said 'yes' but thinking about the real age of it (about 37 years) I thought 'no'. But I was not sure wich was the right...
  5. KenDoken

    Sonor swinger - worth a punt?

    A Sonor Swinger 22,13,16 has come up for sale. Does anyone have experience with these kits? Do they have plastic lugs? If so, are the lugs readily replacable with metal lugs? Do they weigh a ton?
  6. KenDoken

    Help me identify these Sonor snares

    A friend has a couple of snares he is fixing. I know very little about Sonor, in fact i am sonor averse. Could you help me id please? Drum1: Drum2:
  7. R

    Brady Snare - Rarity?

    Hi, I'm a lucky owner of a beauty of a Brady snare - 13x7 Jarrah Block w/ Cherry Satin Satin. I have other snares and tour with a Yamaha that fits the tone of my band much more accurately. I've contemplated selling the Brady as I'm in a financial position whereby it seems silly to have...
  8. bongoman

    Rogers Swivo hihat, broken spring, fixable?

    The spring broke on my favorite old Swivomatic hihat stand, and I cannot figure out how to replace it. There’s a square headed bolt in the base, but it doesn’t seem to do anything other than recede as I turn it. Anyone know the trick? Or is the stand now junk?
  9. KenDoken

    Premier 2000

    New to me. A good friend traded this for some studio time It seems loud, lively and sensitive. I'm enjoying the look, warts and all There are a few issues with it. The throw off knobs are fully tightened and seized. The tension rods are tightened to the max. The shell is cracked near muffler
  10. Cacaphony

    Can you help me date this Slingerland snare?

    I was over at a friend's house and he had this old, dusty looking Slingerland snare sitting around. He was in need of a cymbal stand, so I traded him a flat base straight stand for this old Slingerland he wasn't using. The shell is a little out of round, but you have to look really hard to see...
  11. A

    My vintage Premier Crown drum kit

    Hey guys this is my first ever post. I'm a drummer thats almost 15 years old and I have been playing for over 2 years. Big Moonie and Bonzo fan, into the older music era. I am a big Premier geek, I absolutely love their drums! This topic is about my awesome Crown set which I purchased off eBay...