Rogers Swivo hihat, broken spring, fixable?


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The spring broke on my favorite old Swivomatic hihat stand, and I cannot figure out how to replace it. There’s a square headed bolt in the base, but it doesn’t seem to do anything other than recede as I turn it. Anyone know the trick? Or is the stand now junk?
I do not know this particular stand. Typically though, if you unscrew the rod from the footboard, the whole assembly will come out the top of the tube, spring and all.
Thanks for replying; unfortunately that doesn’t apply to this stand. Where most hihats have a top section that can be removed, this one is all one piece, [edit: I discovered this is not correct!] and the upper end only has an opening for the rod. I think the bottom bolt must be the key, but it hasn’t worked yet.
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I think the bolt adjusts the spring tension, and it is not meant to come out or open anything.

Anyone else here familiar with the Swivo?
what do you mean recede.
Is it a left-hand thread?? opposite to remove)

Best of luck would be to find a used parts stand or someone who collects repairs Swivo
Initially I turned the bolt counter clockwise, thinking that might open up the base, and the square head sank into the the plate it goes through. But I think it’s attached to the spring, so the sunk/unsunk has more to do with the spring being broken, not a normal function. It doesn’t open/close the base of the tube.
I've never disassembled a Swivo, but my guess is that you're on the right track with that keyed screw on the very bottom. I assume that it not only adjusts the spring tension, but also allows access to the spring when backed out completely. It appears that the linkage from the toe portion of the footboard has to be removed in order for the entire mechanism to slide out the bottom.
Ah hah! I got it! The first thing is I was mistaken about the tube being all one piece. I was fooled by ancient gunk sticking the two halves together. Even after I separated them, and unscrewed the pedal joints from the shaft, it took a lot of prying and knocking to get the broken spring pieces out, attached to the tension adjustment bolt. The bolt really is just for that purpose, not for getting the spring out.
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