1. Tob

    Fix nicks in cymbal edge to prevent cracking?

    Backstory: I just bought a used cymbal from a music shop out of town. After delivery, I realized it’s not in as good of condition as I assumed when the salesman told me “I sold it to a guy who is a guitarist, not even a drummer, who used it for two recording sessions and returned it”. So I...
  2. bongoman

    Rogers Swivo hihat, broken spring, fixable?

    The spring broke on my favorite old Swivomatic hihat stand, and I cannot figure out how to replace it. There’s a square headed bolt in the base, but it doesn’t seem to do anything other than recede as I turn it. Anyone know the trick? Or is the stand now junk?
  3. KenDoken

    Paiste formula 602 hihats

    Something has snapped and I have purchased another broken cymbal The cracks are a bit angry looking but anecdote tells me they have done thier cracking and are now stable. I have marked the cracks so can keep an eye on them and get on with playing them
  4. M

    Melbourne-based Drum Repair/Restoration/Rewrap?

    G'day fellas! Just looking for recommendations on who in Melbourne Australia could unwrap/rewrap/patch some holes holes/do some vintage drums restorations? Also looking for someone who might be able to apply some nitrocellulose lacquer and/or match stains? Basically i've had a google and can't...