Can you help me date this Slingerland snare?


I was over at a friend's house and he had this old, dusty looking Slingerland snare sitting around. He was in need of a cymbal stand, so I traded him a flat base straight stand for this old Slingerland he wasn't using.

The shell is a little out of round, but you have to look really hard to see it. Cosmetically, it has very few obvious flaws. I'll post pictures soon.

I was hoping that the wise members of this forum could help me identify the value and age of this snare. The badge is black and silver and the serial number is 113236.
Want to date the Slingerland snare? Okay, here's what I recommend you do with a new snare...

Offer to pick it up. Take it out to dinner to a nice restaurant. No place too fancy, as that will set a precedent that you don't want to have to maintain. Trust me on this. Focus the conversation over dinner on the snare. If you can find ways to ask the snare questions about itself, and keep it talking about itself, it will think that you're the most brilliant conversationalist ever. Be interested in the snare as a drum and show it. Find out if the snare likes movies or live shows better. They cost about the same now, so it doesn't really matter cost-wise. When the show is over, stimulate the evening with deep talk about what the show/movie really meant to you, how it impacted your life, and how you're glad that you got to share the experience with a snare as wonderful as your Slingerland. Be respectful and not too eager to just bang away on it like any old neanderthal-like drummer would. (here's the point where I am finding it very very difficult to restrain many, many more innuendoes that I thought of in the last 2 minutes...). At the end of the evening, say goodnight and go your separate way. Wait a day, and then call the day after that...