1. ayoungethan

    You can only have three snare drums...

    ...and before we assess whether that snapping sound is in fact strainers engaging, or...please feel free to consider this a hypothetical for yourself and others. It isn't for me, tho. I am not a drummer. More of a composer and songwriter. But getting back into the drum kit bc that's a lot of...
  2. S

    The DW Acoustic EQ Snare Drum!

    How many of you have or have had the DW Acoustic EQ Snare?! This thing is amazing! You really can hear and feel the difference because of those vents. What an awesome idea and invention on DW's part. This snare is truly amazing! I had the opportunity to play one and do a video all about it and...
  3. criz p. critter

    Gretsch Vinyard 14x8.5 snare... what's it worth?

    I picked this snare up in 2007. It was one of a 50-snare Extravaganza at NAMM that year. Read the synopsis in the first pic for more info about that. As the story goes, Vinnie Colaiuta had discovered a decades-old stash of NOS shells at the Gretsch warehouse...
  4. T

    Help Me Identify This DW Snare

    Good Day fellow wood wielders, I am trying to identify this drum that I obtained back in the mid 2000's and I can't seem to find another like it. It is labeled a DW Collectors Series Snare, Made from Copper. It measures 14x5.5 but is date stamped inside the shell 2005. All of the copper...
  5. Supergrobi

    Looking For A Fat Side Snare Drum

    My main snare is the SONOR AS 1406 CM, an absolutely beautiful instrument, checking all the boxes for me. It sounds best at mid and high tunings, which is what I generally prefer nonetheless. Lately our band tends to play some softer pop/rock stuff, which is why I'm looking for a side snare...
  6. KenDoken

    Trixon snare restoration

    I acquired a Trixon snare maybe luxor? The original snares were not included amd 14s seemed overlong so tied some 13" wires on and used a hair band to keep engaged. It has a happy tone that i havent heard and looks cute so thought i would give it some love Im aware the original snares with...
  7. Dutch Drummer

    When can you call a drum set or snare drum vintage?

    Dear fellow drummers, Since I was patching up an old steel snare (bought it somewhere around 1988) I was wondering if I could call this snare a vintage snare. My gut feeling said 'yes' but thinking about the real age of it (about 37 years) I thought 'no'. But I was not sure wich was the right...
  8. Dutch Drummer

    Just curious: wich one would you pick?

    Just curious ... if you had to choose wich one of these snares would you pick? And why would you pick it, or why would you not pick it? British Drum Company Raven, 14x6, birch? Sonor SQ1, 14x6.5, birch? Sonor Artist Series, 14x6, maple?
  9. C

    Snare identification help needed

    I acquired a snare at the weekend and was wondering if anybody recognised the logo or knows anything about what brand it is? Thanks Chris
  10. HampusMagasin


    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 7x14 vs Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14 Think you can hear a difference between an aluminium and a maple drum? Well, Imade a blind test for you all! The answer will be posted in this thread tomorrow :) Tell me which one is your favourite!!
  11. T

    Is Dixon Artisan 14×6.5in Ash Snare – Celestial Black Burst good in lower tunings?

    Hello I want to ask if someone have experience with this snare. If yes I found a video with higher tuning so its good for jazz. I want to ask how its doing in lower tunings? If I want to play rock with it I need some lower tunes. Can you help me? If you have some video it would help me a lot...
  12. BeatMeToIt

    OCDP Bellbrass O.G. and the re-issue 14x6.5”

    I just got the original OCDP Bellbrass, the 1of 50 made in yesterday. I also have the re-issue Bellbrass released earlier this year with only 19 made. Bill Detamore confirms they are both the same shell. The O.G. one was definitely cheaper than the re-issue, at least for me. The sharktooth...
  13. Dutch Drummer

    Does anyone have experience with the Raven snare (British Drum Company)

    Does anyone have experience with the Raven snare (British Drum Company)? It appears to be the most affordable snare of British Drum Company. It is all birch and it looks nice on the pics. I am very interested, but is it realy a good snare? Till now I was not in the position to try one myself.
  14. BeatMeToIt


    A piece of the collection.
  15. BeatMeToIt

    Ming CarbonFiber/Kevlar Composite 14x5.5” snare

    I found this for $150, I didn’t know anything about the company before I bought it. It’s a very good snare, poppy but still has body. It appears that the company was making drums up til’ 2010 and then the website stopped getting updated. Why it’s called “Special Force” I don’t know. 10-lug...
  16. R

    Brady Snare - Rarity?

    Hi, I'm a lucky owner of a beauty of a Brady snare - 13x7 Jarrah Block w/ Cherry Satin Satin. I have other snares and tour with a Yamaha that fits the tone of my band much more accurately. I've contemplated selling the Brady as I'm in a financial position whereby it seems silly to have...
  17. BeatMeToIt

    I found one of my dream snares!

    After thinking it was hopeless she finally popped up. Tama 3mm cast copper 14x5.5” with hammered outside of shell. Original heads and hardware. It had been just sitting in a case and now it’s my time to care for this beautiful instrument. Very clean and heavy shell, new-old stock.
  18. BeatMeToIt

    OCDP re-issue 14x6.5” 3mm Bellbrass

    Got my little hands on one of the 19 made. This is my 3rd bellbrass and it packs a nice punch obviously. Built by Bill Detamore at Pork Pie for Guitar Center. Offset mini tubelugs with diecast and Trick throw-off with the OCDP emblem. It does come with a black badge and not the chrome/silver...
  19. santi.plays.the.drums

    Advice for New Snare Strands

    Hi 👋🏼 again, Santi here! I am looking to get advice for my next purchase, snare strands. I am replacing my strands due to the fact that two strands broke. I used a cutter and broke them off, and as a result I have 18 strands remaining. I am drum student with the intent of learning many...
  20. S

    Ludwig Centurian African Sapele snare

    Ludwig Epic Centurian Exotic African Sapele 14x6.5" Snare My daughter and I finished our 4th Episode of "The Sounds of Snares!". For this episode I choose my Ludwig Epic Centurian African Sapele snare. She's really loving these videos! Give it a watch, let me know what you think! The snare...