My vintage Premier Crown drum kit


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Hey guys this is my first ever post. I'm a drummer thats almost 15 years old and I have been playing for over 2 years. Big Moonie and Bonzo fan, into the older music era. I am a big Premier geek, I absolutely love their drums! This topic is about my awesome Crown set which I purchased off eBay for 110 quid, a great buy! Proper bargain. Sounds excellent and the condition isn't too bad for its age. Heres a video of me playing it so you fellow drummers can see what a good set of drums it is.

The wood is beech and birch. The shells are very thick so it gives the drums a nice warm/dry sound especially with two ply heads, the sound of the kit is good for jazz but its very versatile, it works playing to a lot of different genres. Let me know what you guys think of it man Smiley I think I got my moneys worth!!! Wink Now I want the great match, a PREMIER 2000 or a LUDWIG SUPRAPHONIC snare! A supra is high above my budgets though, but I saw a old 70's supersensitive in a local drum shop and it was about 130 pounds! Would love to get my hands on it Roll Eyes