1. kaancelenjazz

    Well You Needn't (Trade) video from my concert

    Thanks for watching:)
  2. H

    Help me choose a drum throne im disabled

    i've been looking for a drum throne so i can transition from practice pad to actual kit. because of my disability and contractures in my hips i cant really open up my legs properly to accommodate the snare drum between my legs so i just increase the height of snare so my knees wont hit it from...
  3. Kuljelje Ljamcun

    Some cymbal stack idea of solo

    I got a Paiste 10" splash and a Zildjian K 10" for cymbal stack, here's the sound and ideas on it. Thanks for listening.
  4. joosti

    What should I do? Drumrack or cymbals?

    Here's my problem I want to buy a drumrack but all the time I think it's a waste of money because I could buy 2 cymbals and the stands for them at the same price. If I buy the rack I don;t have the money to buy the cymbals. Otherwise I don't have a rack and I'm buying stands so I will not buy a...
  5. D

    Been playing two yearss...

    This is me like a month or two ago. Been playing two years so i thought i'd put up a video of me messing around and get some good, helpful criticism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pYPR9WPMIM
  6. joosti

    Vented snare drums

    Does anyone know what the holes in vented snare drums do? In what way does it affect the sound and volume of the snare and so on?
  7. N

    N.Y. Skyliners Drum Corps Open House - 11/23/08

    The New York Skyliners announce that their annual Membership Day/Open House will take place on Sunday, November 23rd at the Dover American Legion Post #27, 2 Legion Place in Dover, New Jersey. Registration starts at 12:00 PM, and the event ends at 5:00 P.M. Everyone is welcome to attend...
  8. SabianDrummer


    I absoslutly hate my drum teacher He's almost always late and by the time he gets there hes forgotten where weve left off so he pretty much spends half the time get situated and then we have maybe about 10 min. of actually doing something and he ALWAYS goes out of a book!? he has no passion for...
  9. A

    My vintage Premier Crown drum kit

    Hey guys this is my first ever post. I'm a drummer thats almost 15 years old and I have been playing for over 2 years. Big Moonie and Bonzo fan, into the older music era. I am a big Premier geek, I absolutely love their drums! This topic is about my awesome Crown set which I purchased off eBay...
  10. L

    Pearl Reference vs Sonor Delight

    Hi, I am about to purchase a new drum kit, but I really can't decide between a Pearl Reference and a Sonor Delight. Can anyone on this forum help me please? I don't want to spend $10,000 on a kit and then regret it (yes,that's how much they cost in Malta. Thanks alot for your help!! Jonathan
  11. S

    how drum kits have changed over time for dif styles ect.

    i am currently researching how drum kit set ups have changed through the years due to music styles and personal preferences for my btec music course. I would like answers to the following questions please. What basic set up do you perceive to be the most common drum set ups for jazz and...
  12. L

    tomas haake snare head

    i have been listening to meshuggah a lot lately and i think his snare sounds good, so i went on to the evans website to have a look at what snare heas he uses, it says he uses a power centre. i looked on his page here on drummer world and it appears that he is using a gold snare head, so i...
  13. asht89

    Gretsch Renowns?

    I was just wondering whether you guys could give me a little advice. Ive been toying with the idea of upgrading my kit to something 'nice', a general all rounder. I see that the Renowns have had a good response on here and ive heard good things from friends. Ive seen a few yamaha kits that...
  14. D

    Dusted Orange: Bass & Drum Solo

    Hey Guys, Check out a recent vid of myself and the bass player (Jason) from a dustedORANGE Show in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you like. Cheers G http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=81846300440