1. S

    All of my Sabian Chinas from 12" to 20" demo! 11 in total

    I own Eleven different SABIAN Chinas.... So I thought it would be neat to hear them all in order from smallest to largest for anyone interested in buying a china can hear how they sound! From 12" to 20"... here is my Sabian Chinese sound demo!
  2. S

    Sabian 19" AAX X-Treme China

    I recently picked up an 18" AAX China and it just didn't hit like i wanted... so I wrote my Sabian rep and ordered this 19" Xtreme AAX and it's exactly what I wanted! Here is a quick sound demo for you! What do you think and what do you prefer?!
  3. S

    10.5lbs... 8" Power Bell.. the Override by Sabian!!

    This is my beast of a ride cymbal. SABIAN calls it the "override" and it's a Limited Edition signature series for Jimmy Degrasso! This cymbal weighs in at 10.5lbs!! It features a Raw 8" Power Bell! Intense hammering from both HH and HHX this thing cuts through any mix! Check this monster out!
  4. S

    Signed with Sabian Cymbals

    I couldn't be any more proud to say this out loud and share it with everyone! I have official signed with Sabian Cymbals!! I am a proud new member of the...
  5. B

    ddrum DDTI interface cymbals setup

    Hi guys. I need to play and record drums in my appartament: I have this interface and it works very good whit the ddrum triggers, I'd like to make an hybrid drum kit with mesh drumheads and pad as cymbals, so I have 1 trigger on the kick drumm, 1 on the snare and 2 toms. Now I need to setup the...
  6. Supergrobi

    Cymbal Wiki

    A great resource for all things cymbal-related is the Cymbal Wiki Since it's a Wiki the amount of knowledge offered here will grow over time. Currently there's a lot of information available on Paiste and Zildjian, more manufacturers are in the pipeline...
  7. MazdaRex

    New-to-me cymbals! Hope I did well?

    After several weeks of shopping, I got some cymbals to go with my Tama Imperial Star shell pack. MANY thanks to the people here and all the discussions I read on different cymbal tones, timbres, brilliance, and many other descriptors I am still learning! I'm near Denver, so ended up at the Lodo...
  8. M

    Xs20 natural vs brilliant

    Hello guys, new member here, excuse my stupidity: I'd like to seek some opinions on the old discontinued xs20 line from sabian. As far as i know, it originally came out in 2003 with the weird lathing pattern and natural finish before the brilliant and normally spaced models in 2012 (correct me...
  9. M

    orion b20 cymbals

    Hi there. So just scored afew Orion Celebrity Vinte and Solo20 cymbals off ebay. 13"hats, 16" and 17" crash, 10" splash and after playing them got a solo20 ride 20" and im really impressed. Found nothing really online except the companys own stuff which is all in Portuguese. The hats have...
  10. Drumsword

    The pies, snares and rest of the family

    OK, here is the rest of the family, The snares are: top shelf my 6.5X14 Brady and 4.5X14 Brady next shelf: 5X14 Ludwig acrolite, 6.5X13 Yamaha Musashi oak, 4X14 Pearl Copper and 6X14 Taye pro Last shelf: 6X14 Pork Pir acrylic, 5.5X14 Slingerland chrome and a 6X14 Gretsch cat maple. Cymbals...
  11. D

    Should I Upgrade My Cymbals

    Hi I have Stagg DX Cymbals and i was wondering wether to keep them or upgrade. If I upgrade I can get Zildjian ZXT Pack Zildjian ZHT Pack Paiste PST 5 Pack Or Paiste Alpha H-Hats Paiste Alpha Ride Zildjian A-Fast Crash This will cost about as much as the Zht Pack If i get the cheaper packs I...
  12. SharkyBait911

    Cleaning Fingerprints Off Cymbals

    HELP : Cleaning Fingerprints Off Cymbals Hey Guys !!!! Just a question for you , Ive got some planet z's that ive just cleaned up with my new Zildjian cymbal cleaner and it worked a treat but my cymbals are old (Maybe 2 years) and there was some finger marks on them actually there were loads...
  13. G

    Which are better, Sabian or Zildjian?

    Ok, I'm kind of a beginner, and I was wondering which cymbals are better, Sabian or Zildjian? I've heard Sabians are cheaper with a better warranty but Zildjians are better quality and better looking. Is all this true, and is there more? I'm on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality for...
  14. joosti

    What should I do? Drumrack or cymbals?

    Here's my problem I want to buy a drumrack but all the time I think it's a waste of money because I could buy 2 cymbals and the stands for them at the same price. If I buy the rack I don;t have the money to buy the cymbals. Otherwise I don't have a rack and I'm buying stands so I will not buy a...
  15. thebrok2

    Picking Crash Cymbals - contrast

    I have a 17 Sabian AAX - stage crash and am really happy with the sound. I also have a paiste pst 3 rock crash. The two do not sound the best together and I have been on the market looking to replace it the paiste. I was wondering when it comes time to pick crash cymbals how to do you usually...
  16. LeeLovesSabian

    What is the best cymbal brand?

    Just thought I'd like to see opionions. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, or Meinl? I vote Sabian of course
  17. T

    What Cymbals Should I Get?

    I Need a splash, china, and a bell fx cymbal. I found a zxt zildjian china for like 70 bucks at guitar center, as well as a 30 dollar splash. Cant remember the name of the splash, it was a 6" zildjian though. im going for a chris adler type of sound for these cymbals. Any idead on where i could...
  18. SharkyBait911

    How To Sell Crap Cymbals

    Hey guys !! (First post) I got my first kit about 2 years ago and it didnt come with any cymbals so my dad not knowing if i was gonna stay a drummer, he brought me some crappy cymbals (Plantet Z's.) I didn't care at the time i didn't know what was good or not so they served me well but it came...
  19. DrewTheShoe

    K Mastersounds

    In my quest for better cymbals, I have stumbled upon the K Mastersounds. I personally love them. I love the sound they make, the characteristic Mastersound chick to 'em, and the fact that I know that K's will have a pretty sweet resale value. I'm just concerned about whether or not they would...
  20. T

    Got my new Saluda cymbals!

    Just got them today and I can definitely say, Wow! What a great deal! 15" and 17" Mist X crashes and 14" Mist X hats for $260 and all my trashed beginner cymbals. They sound good and I'll definitely be ordering from Saluda again. I just hope it won't take 3 weeks next time. Haha. I might be...