1. S

    New Set of Cymbals

    Hello all, So after years of playing with awful cymbals that are finally now starting to crack, I'm in the market for a new set. I must say that I'm extremely leery of cheaper cymbals as I have broken 2 14" Zildjian ZBTs and a 16" ZBT. I don't abuse my cymbals by any means, just hit reasonably...
  2. X

    ZYN 5 Star cymbals

    Hey - My current kit has ZYN 5 Star 20" Ride and 14" Hi-hats - I've never really heard anything about ZYN - or 5 Star (Not sure which one is the make and model so could be either way round :S ) and was basically wondering if any of you guys had any idea as to how old they are? How good they are...
  3. L

    custom drumsticks

    hello, my bro has looking a custom guitar picks and he told me that they do drumsticks as well. i am trying to think of something to print on them. i have thought of but one: mother funker. any ideas on something to print on them? thanks
  4. A

    Zildjian ZHTs anyone?

    I'm buying my first good drum set and i'm pretty sure the tama superstar hyper drive suits my needs.but i was wondering what cymbals.I need to be stage ready fast.price range is $1500 for drum set and cymbals.So with that set ($900) that leaves $600 for cymbals.Also standard or rock or pro which...
  5. riddle

    Pricing of b8

    Hi, i'm new and i'm using b8 cymbals, i bought the performance pack. I don't know about the pricing there but i bought my swingstar + b8pack and a yamaha crash stand for 3100 Malaysian dollars. (1 US dollar = 3.4 Malaysian Ringgits) so i guess its about 911 dollars there. The original price...
  6. Dom Chandler

    Flying with cymbals???

    Hi guys/gals, I've got a few European gigs to do and I will be taking my cymbals, What is the best way to do this? I'm flying from London to Stockholm back to London and up to Scotland. Do I go cymbal vault/flight case in the cargo hold, or try and keep my babies close to me in a pro racket bag...
  7. S

    Brilliant Or Traditional Finish?

    Hey guys im going to purchase new cymbals and i was wondering which way is the best to go? Traditional or brilliant finish? ive heard that brilliant finish needs frequent polishing but im not sure if it is true.