What Cymbals Should I Get?


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I Need a splash, china, and a bell fx cymbal. I found a zxt zildjian china for like 70 bucks at guitar center, as well as a 30 dollar splash. Cant remember the name of the splash, it was a 6" zildjian though.

im going for a chris adler type of sound for these cymbals. Any idead on where i could get some rather authentic sounds for little to nothing?
Well first of all, you dont get nice sounding pie's for nothing. Your gunna have to lay out if you want a half decent sound. Regarding which cymbals you choose, going on the fact's you want an Adler sound, It's gotta be Meinl right ? ? i know Byzance arn't cheap, neither are MB20's but the odd cheap meinl pops up on ebay which is worth a look?
They do a nice selection of China's and a goood fair few Bells.

Check out their site, se what you think?