Groove Style: The Chicago Double Shuffle
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Great Grooves from the History of R&B:
Daniel Glass: "No Particular Place To Go" - Chuck Berry - 1964

Drummer: Odie Payne - bpm 130

Early R&B never sounded more down and dirty than in Chicago during the '50s. Artists like Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Howlin' Wolf all came to Chicago from the deep South, and their approach to the blues differed greatly from the swing-based jump of Louis Jordan or the pop-oriented sound of other '50s R&B. Muddy, the Wolf and other country bluesmen followed their own set of rules, and were not necessarily concerned with slick horn arrangements, elaborate chord progressions or even following a strict 12-bar format. Their concept of the blues was based on a feeling-primitive, driving, relentless and hypnotic. Songs were often improvised on the spot or changed from night to night depending on the artist's mood.

The "Double Shuffle" - so called because both hands are pumping out the shuffle feel at the same time. Odie Payne was a master of this groove, and you can hear it to great effect on Chuck Berry's classic "No Particular Place To Go"

The Commandments of Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming
By Zoro and Daniel Glass

Eight years in the making, this prequel to The Commandments of R&B Drumming delves into the rhythm and blues of the 1940s and '50s, an incredible musical era when shuffles ruled the airwaves and modern groove playing was in its infancy. Written by Zoro and Daniel Glass, drummer for the Royal Crown Revue, this book is loaded with history, photos, graphics, exercises, and transcriptions, and includes the most comprehensive guide to shuffle playing ever written.

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"I am so impressed with what Daniel and Zoro have done to secure the heritage of the modern drum set.The Commandments of Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming is a must—every inspired drummer needs to experience and learn from this masterpiece. The book will take you on a journey through our history—and knowing where we came from will assist us in our vision for the future! Thank you both for your hard work, so that generations ahead of us can forever enjoy this magical era!"

Dom Famularo
Drumming's Global Ambassador