About Drummerworld

The DRUMMERWORLD project was created 30 years ago by Bernhard Castiglioni in Switzerland as a free and noncommercial website.

DRUMMERWORLD presents within the gallerypages the most influental drummers in history of Rock and Jazz - Biographies - Videos and a Discussion Forum with 150'000 members.

The Drummerworld YOUTUBE Channel has 420'000 subscribers.

The Drummerworld Instagram has 70'000 subscribers.

Soon after his inception DRUMMERWORLD reached the position as No.1 Drum & Percussion related Website in the World and stays there till today.

We work hard to keep this ranking.

I thank you for your confidence and consideration.

Bernhard Castiglioni
Schnitterweg 51
4125 Riehen / Basel
Bernhard Castiglioni

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