What's your favorite thing about being a drummer?

My favorite thing about being a drummer is having something fun to talk about with other drummers. and also nailing sick chops.
Watching women dance to my sick beats.
it allowed/s me to:
1. get the beats I always hear in my head, out of my head
2. have a connection to an ancient form of communication, and to have a discipline that is ever evolving that I can study forever
3. make connections with people
4. have a career where I can pass on the experience to others, and see it affect them the same
5. gave me endless Christmas and B-Day present ideas
I've got rhythm who could ask for anything more.
Actually I didn't take up drums to be cool, win girls or anything like that (I was 8). I actually play drums because it beckoned me at an early age and was mentally soothing. It's therapy-so most of my life I've always played for an audience of one-Me. Now I play at church and it's still for an audience of one. It's brain food.
Aesthetically........drums are just outstanding on stage.

It's like sitting behind some over engineered weapon of mass destruction.

A beat sinks deeper into one's primordial soul that other instruments just can't tap into.

Drummers are rare, we belong to a very, very small cohort on a global scale.

Drumming is a rare skill.

There is a herculean degree of physiological and psychological discipline with drumming.

To the OP.......I hope your chops feel better soon.

Being sick is just awful.

Knowing that I'm 1 of a group of people reading this word in the way that my brain wants to say it even after realizing it's not as a cool of a word as I first thought.