What are you listening to right now?



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had to get out some old school Yes...for some reason, this era of Yes gets played a lot in the spring


Old Dog new Cans

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Was really enjoying this on YouTube until I completely passed out. Got up around 430 am today. What they heck was I thinkin'?

Honestly, I often recognize Miles when I'm listening to random jazz. I have Blue Miles which is horribly melancholy. I listened to it a ton after my Father passed over 20 years ago. This particular album sounds like fun.


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...no, not the Coltrane tune.....

Bobby Hackett Quartet - Meditation

Bobby Hackett - Cornet
Lou Forestieri - piano
Franklyn Skeete - bass
Don DeMicheal - drums

Recorded - From the "Just Jazz" series filmed in the 70's at WTTW Chicago


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Been on a VH kick for a couple of days now, and still loving some hard hitting classic rock. These guys were damn good.



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The only post-Bill Bruford Yes I really love. So delightfully crunchy. And even as a hardcore Brufordophile, I often suspect it wouldn't have been quite as great with him behind the kit.

crunchy is a great way to describe it...and true...i think White brought a new perspective to the overall vibe of the band that gave it it's feel


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Opie gone bad..first CD. Tons of potential this Denver band but you won't be hearing from them other than a few outside things possibly.


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this is my least favorite day of the year...so I thought I would go a bit dark