What are you listening to right now?


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Looong story. 4 years ago the band always did a multiple band outdoor local festival in which we headlined. Our second to last tune was 25 or 6 to 4 in which at the ending of the tune when I crashed the last note...as on Chicagos recording I wanted to go without stopping directly into lido shuffle while the keyboard player argued over Angel is a centerfold. I even posted this here many moons ago so I am listening to lido shuffle at this very moment.


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I could listen to this over and over, Jeff's groove was infectious. Man he sat low!

I just noticed his bass drum is tuned to an F note, and his cymbals starting at 3:55 seem to be an E flat and a D (to the extent that they have a pitch). That would (or could) be the root, flat 7, and 6 -- a blues and funk approved cluster of notes. I wonder how intentional that was? It would be interesting to know more about the track he was set up for, especially what key it was in.


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Pink Floyd:
Shine On you Crazy diamond
Wish you Were Here

Feels Like The First Time
I Want To Know What Love Is
Double Vision

Led Zeppelin:
Rock 'n' Roll
Immigrant Song
Whole Lotta Love
Black Dog

And tons of shit from the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST.


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For the children