What are you listening to right now?


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my heads been in the bin all day, so im blasting this as loud as i can to help shake off some of the bleh.



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Boston - More Than A Feeling

I'm in a classic rock mood, previously to this was Journey, ol' Steve Smith.

What are you listening to?

Album, Traveller: By Chris Stapleton

DVD, Eric Clapton Live at Montreux 1986: By EC with Phil Collins on drums. If your a Phil Collins fan this DVD looks over Phil's left side to see how he is playing. I would say about 40% of the DVD is showing Phil's playing.


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I wanna be Jeff when I grow up...BUT..right now I'm listening to Steppinwolfs Monster recording for one thing in one song. The tune is (move over) and I'm enamoured by the drummers single stroke roll throughout the tune ESPECIALLY towards the end....i want that single stroke roll more than a brick of gold. Damn!.


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Not sure what category these guys could be cramped into, but it is some really great bluesy rock stuff for those interested: