The most beautiful drum shells finishes


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When I was a kid, someone told me to NEVER buy a sparkle drum set because I would get tired of the finish.

35+ years later, I've come to the conclusion that I will never ever get tired of sparkles, and I'm pretty sure that I will never buy another kit that's NOT sparkle. I own a red sparkle Ludwig Classic Maple and a teal sparkle Pork Pie USA custom.

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Check out this custom job below. This was THE kit that made me fall in love with Pork Pie drums. If I ever find this kit for sale, I will be buying it.

White sparkle lacquer with red sparkle lacquer diamonds. I love it.

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Ludwig Copper Rose Mist. This was only available for about 20 minutes back in 2019. It has since been discontinued.

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Since I can't find any drums in this finish like the one above, I think I'll be going with Ludwig Champaign (or Shampaign) sparkle:

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DW's broken glass drums are just magical. There is NEVER a good picture of them online. I guess the way the light catches the finish, pictures are never just right. The ones I've seen in person really pop.

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You can't! Be a bigger sparkle fanatic than I am...its not possible!. That wizard of OZ ruby red slipper ludwig kit is drop dead gorgeous.


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I tend to like the vintage looking sparkles and oyster wraps, they're just so timeless. I also like some of the simpler wood burst and fade finishes.
Lately I've been fixating on this Vintage Blue Oyster wrap.
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Are these two photos the same kit? The top picture looks redder (if that's a word). What is this finish called?
No, the top kit is a Gretsch Brooklyn in Satin Walnut Duco, while the bottom kit is a USA Custom in Satin Antique Maple.


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Il like this simple yet subtile finish : Yamaha Polar White, it's close to my old Signia, though richer and whiter.

The Tama Birdseye maple is something that should definetely be reissued.


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I like sparkles and glitters... Pretty much any color. Pinks and purples are fun, black is classic. I do enjoy me some satin flames. Oh yea... Any kind of metal shell looks beautiful to me.


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Hmm?...for me it would be that! Color. I've seen alot of orange jazz guys. Country drummers using white. I'd take that violet in a heart beat.

If Gretsch would bring back the Moonglow Satin Flame (it was mostly silvery, grey blue) it might be popular with those who prefer vintage looking 1960s marine pearl, vintage marine pearl, sky blue pearl, black marine pearl and the Ludwig vintage oyster pearl wraps. Really like a lot of the pearl and marine type finishes. Since I'm going to go used on a Gretsch or a Ludwig , I won't have the luxury of being picky about color. (hopefully NOT orange or purple). (saving my money so can't consider anything right now)
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mark de berard

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i dont know about the most beautiful finishes but i got a kit i did my self ... the pics are of a 10 " pearl forum tom , before and after. It had the red plastic wrap, i took it off and painted it with 2 different stains to get a sea foam green surf bee bop kit look... and then coated it with a few layers of poly.

tom before.jpgtom after.jpg