The most beautiful drum shells finishes


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I was browsing the various drum manufacturers a couple of days ago and especially looking at the best finishes avalible. I collected a couple of images and most of them are from Pearl, I really connect with Pearl's works of art, their colors and type of woods.

Other brand too but more investigation needs to be done, it's not over, I am about to collect the best images from all of the manufacturers.

--> I discovered that I am attracted the most to hi-gloss finishes, natural wood with vibrant colorant and golden hoops. (I am also a fan or Blue, Red and Green sparkles or other colors too)



The blue one :love:


My god.. :love:



How about your favorite finishes? (No need to be the same as me)

Let's build a collection of the greatest stuff.
I've never been much of a fan of finishes that stick out in general. That goes for all my instruments. They're blank canvases for music and I sort of want them to represent that visually as well.

There are exceptions based on situations.

For drums it's "Tony Yellow", "Vinnie White", piano black as well as white or aged pearl and some sort of copperish or golden sparkle wrap.

Agree on the gold plated hardware for the most part, but I think it works on my BB.
I actually own one of my favorites and It’s the Ludwig Classic Oak in the Tennessee Whiskey finish.

Just reminds me of really nice furniture

Funny...lately I've been thinking about some of D.W.'s exotic finishes as well as the Pearl finishes shown here. A few days ago almost by accident I catch Vinnie unwrapping just a plain jane gretsch cobalt blue set on YouTube. It made me realize just how BEAUTIFUL a kit can look with one simple solid finish. Talk about drum lust!.
Through an embarrassing amount of trial and error, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I prefer matte, natural finishes or gloss stain single color finishes and have adjusted my drum ownership accordingly. No fades or bursts, and (mostly) chrome hardware.

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I'll be honest - the gold plated metalwork is best left to Saddam Hussein's bathroom suite.

I think it can look good on some understated matte or satin natural-wood finishes. I just don’t like it if it’s just a plating, and can chip off. If it’s going to have a gold/brass color, then it needs to actually be brass. I HATE the look of a chipped finish on metal. Much rather have patina, or even scratches than can be buffed out. Chipped finish look so....blech, to me.
There are a ton of really nice finishes out there now. I always gravitate to wood tones and natural finishes. Love everything Noble and Cooley does with natural finishes. As far as mainstream or larger companies go, I think Tama has raised their game a lot over the past 10 years and their Star line has amazing finishes. Gretsch natural finishes like the ones TK-421 posted above are very nicely done as well.

As for hardware, I'm a big fan of classic chrome in most cases however I do have an affinity for black nickle/black chrome as well and if I am being honest my favorite snare that I built has brass/gold lugs with black chrome rims........ All gold hardware on the whole kit is a little too much for me as you would then surround it with chrome hardware for your cymbals etc. and the whole thing ends up looking like a Mr T starter kit if you ask me (1980s era joke).
It's hard to see the finishes on Yamaha and Sonor websites..

I found the Dark Walnut Gloss on the Gretsch.. website my god it's amazing. Similar to my own Catalina Club but much better.