Post your Gig Pics

What are those creatures? 😱
Some species of bee. The gig was in a refurbished barn and every so often they have to "de-bug" the place for events.
I was on the road with my all-female band this weekend. We played the Dare Days festival in Manteo, NC, on the Outer Banks, stayed in the included Airbnb overnight, and then Taberna Country Club in New Bern, NC (not a bad office view!) for the all-female Epson golf tournament. We had a LOT of fun!

Dare Days in Manteo....



A few gigs in the last few weeks:

Benson Vineyards in Manson, WA:
Mellisoni Winery in Chelan, WA:
Wenatchee Pride Festival, Wenatchee WA:

Played this show at the weekend, a charity gig .

Arrived and the place was absolutely packed, what happened about 30minutes before we played? The heavens opened and it poured down, meaning about 75% of the audience headed inside. The rain stopped about 30minutes after our set finished, you have to laugh.

Also, I set up my drums under the cover of a tree, which thanks to the rain and humidity covered my kit in this sticky tree sap type rain which you can see on my gear. Which meant I had to clean every single item of my drums, cymbals, hardware and bags that evening.

Still, a fun gig and for a good cause so it was worth it. Those who braved the rain seemed to have a good time.
oh that's a very nice view
of the city, town, village..
my country/rockabilly band had it's first car show/summer gig. It was a beautiful night for the Stutz Car Club of Ohio's summer awards dinner. Clear night (minus the wildfire haze), about 65ºF. Just awesome...

tucked in the corner!!

'55 Ludwigs out on the town again!!!

the "string jockeys" discussing tuning or something....

that area in the background would eventually be filled with about 30 of the Stutz cars, a few hailing from 1905 and the "youngets one" being from 1925

as a side note, that steel guitar is serial #80 from Leo Fender Guitars...I think it is a 1942, and was supposedly built by Leo himself. Our guitar player lucked into that in an estate sale this past spring...pretty crazy history there