Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Heres my View:

Tama SC Walnut birch in Molten Brown burst. Tama SLP Dynamic Kapur 6.5 x 14 Snare with Evans Generra Dry Head and Grover Jazz Bright Snare wires.

8", 10" and 12" rack toms with Remo Emperor coated.
14" and 16" Floor toms with Evans G2 clear ( OEM heads)
22" Kick with Evans EQ4 head and Evans kick muffler.
Side snare is Imperial star 6.5 x 14" Steel snare with Evans G1 coated.

Paiste 2002 14" hats
16" and 17" 2002 Crashes
Meinl 16", 17 and 18" Custom classic Crashes
Paiste 2002 22" Ride
Paiste PST 5 12" Mini China
Sabian 10" splash XPS i think. It's not very good. Will be upgrading to a PST 7 soon.

Iron Cobra 900 kick pedal
Iron cobra 600 HH stand.
2 Stage master Snare stands
4 Tama Stage master Boom Cymbal stands
1 Pearl Boom cymbal stand
1 Gibraltar Boom Cymbal stand.

The Pearl stand was a gift from my daughters but it's really good actually. A bit skinnier double braced Legs than Stage Master but a nice Stand either way.

Between the fag machine and the ladies' toilets, eh? Figuratively speaking.
It’s a small playing area indeed. Half the band play on the elevated ‘stage’ section/platform and the others play on the floor - which works brilliantly with crowd interactions to be fair.

No sign of a dart board in this place, however.
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1948-53 WFL 490 Supreme Concert 6L 6.5 x14
map/pop/inside mahog 3 Ply with rings
gone over by Drum Doctors LA inside and out
all new hardware, new inside allen screw fasteners, all done by them
ebay find 3/4 yrs ago
I also have another one 1948 490 supreme Concert 6.5 all original nob brass hoops plastic/rubber end snares, Grandma brown cellulose finish
same 3P w/ rings shell mahogany inside bought at a Pa Vint Show 20+ yrs ago. they're real sleeper drums when found in original
"Jack be nimble, Jack be Quick" and you can still spot them
Good luck. Built like 49 Packards
Timeless deep throaty symphonic versatile
but don't tell nybody ; )
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