1. M

    PST 10/12 splash stack overtones

    Hi all, Hope you're good. I recently got a PST 10/12 splash stack and have been mucking around with it. I'm hearing a (quite aggressive) high overtone near the end of the sound. It is loud enough for me to not use these, but I'm sure I'm setting them up wrong. I use Tama stands, and seem to...
  2. E

    Desert Island Cymbal Pack

    After putting down the sticks and selling my last kit (Yamaha Recording Custom) 35-years ago, I'm building a new drum kit. I've decided on the shell pack (20" BD/10-12-14 toms) and I'm unlikely to play gigs or in the studio, but as a successful audio engineer here in Nashville, I know what good...
  3. Walden

    Paiste Dixie

    Hello, I would like to know if this Dixie serie is worth something in term of sound and money. Someone around is selling HiHats for 100bucks, is worth it ? I didn't find many information. I just heard it was for beginner players during the 60's and 70's. Does any one play it ? Thanks !
  4. Dignan

    Question for Giant Beat owners…

    I recently bought a used reissue Paiste GB 20” multi. Is it just me or is the color on this off? It looks much more, well coppery than most other Giant beats I’ve seen. Anyone ever seen one like this or know what’s going on? Sounds great, just curious.
  5. Dignan

    Branching out (Cymbal OCD trigger warning)

    After years of not posting here, I’m back. And years of playing only Zildjian, I started getting a hankering to try some Paiste cymbals. I just picked up this used Giant Beat Multi 20” and a new PST7 19” thin crash. Man, do they all look out of place together like that. 🤣. Not sure how well...
  6. M

    Paiste cymbal identification please

    Hello, About a year ago I acquired a Paiste cymbal that I have only recently started questioning the model/line and age of. There is no stamp or serial, the only markings are printed. It reads " EXTRA THIN 11" " and "SWISS-MADE". Any idea what this is? It has kind of a trashy sound for a...
  7. KenDoken

    Paiste formula 602 hihats

    Something has snapped and I have purchased another broken cymbal The cracks are a bit angry looking but anecdote tells me they have done thier cracking and are now stable. I have marked the cracks so can keep an eye on them and get on with playing them
  8. KenDoken

    Paiste 602 22" thin opinions

    I'm thinking of picking up a paiste 602 22" thin sn#418081. Apparently it's 2400g which seems on the heavy side for a thin 22 Anyone owned one of these? I'm interested in their take
  9. LeeLovesSabian

    What is the best cymbal brand?

    Just thought I'd like to see opionions. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, or Meinl? I vote Sabian of course
  10. H

    Need advice on a new set of cymbales (rock, punk, ska)

    I just registered as I have been searching the web a couple of weeks for a decent set of cymbals the last couple of weeks and came around this forum with experts (and the less like me). I now have a set of Paiste Alpha's, which sound I do like. But I already ruined 2 crashes within 2 years...
  11. A

    Paiste pst 5s, Meinl gen x or Zildjian zhts

    I just started drumming and just dont know that much about cymbals but these all look for good my price range since they come in box sets also i like the free stuff so paiste pst 5s meinl gen x or zildjian zhts?
  12. X

    Which Paiste cymbals are the best?

    Hey Been playing for eight years on ZYN 5 star cymbals - sound alright for what they are and cost, but Im looking to step them up (along with my kit) and am looking at Paiste Really Im looking at the 2002's, Giant Beats, Alphas or Signature series - (Alpha is least favourite - but are the...
  13. A

    Zildjian ZHTs anyone?

    I'm buying my first good drum set and i'm pretty sure the tama superstar hyper drive suits my needs.but i was wondering what cymbals.I need to be stage ready fast.price range is $1500 for drum set and cymbals.So with that set ($900) that leaves $600 for cymbals.Also standard or rock or pro which...
  14. S

    I'm in Cymbal Hell

    Hi everyone I am a beginning drummer but I am decently good already. I have a set of 13'' Paiste 101 hats and an 18'' paiste crash/ride. I really need a crash cymbal seeing how the crash/ride sounds terrible as a crash. What crash and other cymbals should I pursue?? Please help I need tips from...
  15. TenPastTen

    I cheated on Sabian with Paiste Twenty!!!

    Just like the title says, I have 10 Sabian cymbals that I love, but I am having a torrid affair with Paiste Twenty series. I have the 13 Hats, 18 Crash, and 20 Ride and they sound amazing together. I am awaiting a 10 Splash, 18 Thin Crash, and 18 Thin China to arrive in the next 3 weeks to...
  16. D

    Dusted Orange: Bass & Drum Solo

    Hey Guys, Check out a recent vid of myself and the bass player (Jason) from a dustedORANGE Show in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you like. Cheers G