Walfredo Reyes Jr.
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Walfredo Reyes Jr.: Global Beats For Drumset & Percussion

Virtuoso drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr. shows you how to combine rock drumming techniques with a wide range of African, Caribbean and South American p ercussion sounds to create an integral global drumming style.Through inspirational live performances and detailed, step-by-step analysis, Walfredo shows how to develop a 'split brain' style combining right-hand rock beats with left-hand global percussion.

Understand and play a variety of intricate global beats including Mangambe, Arequita, Zouk, Maracatu, Reggae, Cha Cha and more.

Integrate the drumset with percussion instruments such as timbales, bongos, agogo bells and guiro.

This detailed lesson is easy-to-follow, with clear explanations and an accompanying booklet packed with notated examples.

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