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This is a story of the renowned musician know internationally as the King of Latin Music, an instrumental force in the rise of la musica latina and its spread throughout the world.

The 88 page book features first-person stories that trace Tito’s life, starting with the early years in New York City, through the war years, the emergence of the Palladium nightclub as a center of Latin Music and his development as an arranger and bandleader.

Tito provides humor, history and insights into the music and its masters, and discusses the foundation of Latin jazz and the evolution of Mambo, Rumba and Danzon.

Tito’s career is detailed intimatly and in detail, including his time with bandleaders José Curbelo and Machito, his stint as a sax player(!) during World War II, his time at the Palladium leading to the start of his own band, and even his time with Carlos Santana.

Also Included is a special Bonus DVD that features never-before-seen footage of Tito discussing his incredible 50-years career as a band leader.

This book is a must have for any drummer, percussionist or musician that enjoys and appreciates the influence of latin music in our world today!

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