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A Salute to Buddy Rich:
Phil Collins - Dennis Chambers - Steve Smith - Luis Conte

A Salute to Buddy Rich features Phil Collins, Steve Smith and Dennis Chambers with the Buddy Rich Band and Buddys Buddies. Eight compositions are performed by Phil Collins, including several from his own repertoire, as well as several from Buddys original repertoire. Two great tunes from Buddys song book are performed by Steve Smith and two by Dennis Chambers, along with rehearsal footage, interviews and three vintage clips of Buddy Rich himself!

Absolutely excellent DVD. Great sound and quality picture plus the major talents of Phil Collins, Dennis Chambers and Steve Smith really playing hard on some of Buddy's greatest stuff. Phil is (in my opinion) one of the greatest jazz drummers around and not too many people know how capable he is. Dennis also plays great (as he usually does). He is one of the busiest drummers on the jazz/rock scene with the bands Niacin, CAB and numerous sessions with cutting edge artitsts. Dennis really drives the music with lightning speed and precision. Steve Smith is always interesting as well. Seeing all these guys play incredible jazz performed live is well worth the money.

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