The Abercrombie/Erskine/Mintzer/Patitucci Band: Live In New York City
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The Abercrombie/Erskine/Mintzer/Patitucci Band (a/k/a The Hudson Project) is comprised of four of the most acclaimed musicians in contemporary music, each of whom has led his own band, and received great critical acclaim both as a composer and a player.

On this DVD, the band performs a set of eight brilliant compositions two by each member of the group which range in style from the spiritual ballad feel of The Well by John Patitucci, to the second-line funk of Cats and Kittens by Peter Erskine, and from the country-inflected swing of That's For Sure by John Abercrombie, to the strutting groove of Modern Day Tuba by Bob Mintzer.

If you want to see four of the absolute best players working today playing an inspired set than this is for you. Start to finish it's a non-stop display of technique (not for technique's sake however), musicality, and mastery. Awe-inspiring. Peter Erskine's performance is so good it's comedic. Great sound, great camera angles, great editing. Top-notch. The clinic-type setting is cool because you get to hear these guys talk about their approach to music but it's kind of painful and embarrasing to listen to some of the people in the audience ask questions with obvious answers. If you are a working musician and you haven't seen this, check it out and prepare to consider giving up.