Pat Petrillo
Full Transcription by Terry Branam

Terry - I didn't think that I played that many notes ! :) - Thanks sooo much for an AMAZING job...I'm flattered you took the time to do this. You are very talented. - I'll have to learn it so I can play it again one day...All the Best
Pat Petrillo

- thanks a lot!!!

Pat Petrillo: Hands, Grooves, & Fills

Pat Petrillo is one of today's most prolific drummers, having backed such artists as Patti LaBelle, GLoria Gaynor, Glen Burtnik and Ed Hamilton. A world class clinician, he is also a faculty member at the Drummers Collective in New York City. In Hands, Grooves & Fills, Pat demonstrates his methods for improving ALL 3 of these important aspecs of drumming in ONE DVD/BOOK PACKAGE!Designed for drummers of ALL LEVELS, Hands, Grooves & Fills is a complete cirriculum for developing technique, groove ideas and a fill vocabulary.

HANDS: Pat demonstrates his exercises and methods for developing smooth, relaxxed hand technique, endurance and coordination. He also demonstrates all of the standard rudiments with modern interpretations, and shows you how to put them into musical phrases using his ground-breaking "Rudiment TAB System".

GROOVES: Music is all about the groove, and Pat demonstrates how to develop bass drum technique and ghost note ideas, while having FUN with over 50 play along tracks featuring a great band of New York's finest musicians in the groove styles of Rock, R&B, Jam Band, New Orleans Funk, Fusion, Drum n' Bass and many more.

FILLS: Creating fills is always a challenge, and Pat shows his methods of orchestrating 16th notes, sextuplets and numerous rudiment stickings into creative, awesome sounding fills. If you are lacking a fill vocabulary, or always wanted to learn killer fills, PAT BREAKS IT ALL DOWN!

DVD and 52 page book package. Book includes CD with 125 MP3 play along tracks.

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