Nate Morton
Soloing Idea:
The Mozambique Pattern

The Mozambique is a marriage of African and Cuban rhythms, instruments and cultures.

It has been adapted to the drum set and Western pop music numerous ways. One track of reference might be Steve Gadd's performance on the Paul Simon song "Late In The Evening".

This video demonstrates how the sticking pattern may be applied to the drum set as a solo motif.

It was recorded on the Cher stage at Caesar's Palace with my Canon digital camera taped to a mic stand on top of a bar stool. It was then edited using iMovie, so the production quality leaves much to be desired, but I hope you find the content informative.

- Nate Morton

I've been asked about the set up in the video. This is the drum set I current play behind Cher at Caesar's Palace. It consists of the following:
Pearl Masters Custom
24 Primary Kick
20 Auxiliary kick (used as an electronic trigger)
14 x 6 1/2 Reference solid brass primary snare
13 x 6 1/2 Reference wood auxiliary snare
10 x 4 Auxiliary, auxiliary snare drum
10 rack tom
12 rack tom
13 rack tom
16 floor tom
18 floor tom

TD-12 brain
PD-85 (x4)
RT-10K kick trigger (on the 20 kick drum)

16 A Custom crash/16 Z Custom crash (hats)
12 A custom splash /12 A Custom splash (hats)
11 K Hybrid splash
12 K splash
20 Oriental China Trash
20 A Custom China
16 SFX Crash
18 A Custom crash
20 A Custom crash
22 K Custom ride
21 A Sweet ride
19 K Hybrid crash
18 SFX crash
RhythmTech mounted Pro Tambourine

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