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Mark Schulman: A Day In The Recording Studio

Hudson Ltd. (a division of Hudson Music) and Mark Schulman are proud to announce the release of Mark's new DVD "A Day in the Recording Studio".

In this unique DVD (also available as an Instant Download at, Mark presents you with all of the information you need to set up your own recording studio (whether in the home or in a professional space) and start creating pro-level drum tracks. This educational and entertaining DVD is the first to combine the technical information of recording with actual studio playing/charting techniques used by top pro drummers all presented in a clear, concise, intelligent, and entertaining format.

Schulman says, The DVD simply and humorously shows you the complete spectrum of recording drums in the studio: preparation of the equipment, tuning, microphone technique, digital recording, my own quick system of charting songs, creating drum parts, performance, editing, effects, studio construction and some darn great video footage! Oh, and there are some cool performances by yours truly.

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