Marco Minnemann & The Buddy Rich Big Band
from the DVD "The Marco Show"


THIS is the best drum DVD out there. If you may even call it drum DVD. Marco swings with the Buddy Rich big band, rocks his songs with Mike Keneally and even plays punk with an italian punk project----very entertaining indeed.
Also he shows how to apply his technique and his unique interdependence concept ( btw often copied or butchered in other releases) and how to use it musically, which I think is so cool. Good to see someone bringing drumming back to life.

Marco is not only a great innovative player, but also a great composer! I think this DVD is very important and will tie the drummerworld into new territories and perspectives. Once again Marco shows that he's so far ahead....
I remember he once said in an interview: "it is good to have the most insane technique or speed---but that still doesn't write the song!" Thank you Marco for being an inspiration.


I just got this DVD and I can't get enough of it!!!This DVD has so much to offer.Marco plays some of his favorite Buddy Rich tunes with a live big band.Mike Keneally(guitar) & Brian Beller(bass)who use to play with Frank Zappa join Marco on some of his own compositions for some out of this world playing.Marco also breaks down & explains alot of what he does on his songs & solos.Great playing,entertaining,funny & informative.Do not let this one pass you by!!!!!

...from Marco himself:
I'm proud to introduce my latest DVD! It s called The Marco Show because it s truly an entertainment experience. For the first time ever, you ll see me play with a live big band! I m playing some of my favorite Buddy Rich tunes as a tribute to one of the greatest drummers of all time. If that wasn't enough, I also play some of my very own compositions with my good friend and legendary Frank Zappa guitarist Mike Keneally and Brian Beller on bass. Three different drum solos, six different play-along tracks, viewer-selectable alternate camera angles and tons of bonus features, all in high-definition and 5.1 surround sound. It s my best DVD yet !

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