Larry Finn
Rock Groove Demo

Exercises and Tips to make You Better & Faster
This DVD will help take your playing to the next level.

Professor Larry Finn shares his proven method for improving the fundamental skills required to lay down a strong groove in any style of music. It offers easy-to-understand exercises and demonstrations that can be applied to all levels. These include: hand development · basic grooves · advanced grooves for funk, rock, hip-hop and Latin styles · advanced fills. Clear and detailed instruction is given both onscreen and in the accompanying 64-page booklet. 60 minutes.

This is a very good, very focused and to the point group of excercises that can be worked through in a very short aomount of time. It's not overly complex but it also sticks to the most useful stuff. The author doesn't waste time on excercises that aren't useful in everyday drumming situations. I'd think someone of any level of skill can get something out of Larry's excercises.

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