Jon Hiseman - COLOSSEUM
Dick Heckstall-Smith - Mark Clarke - Clem Clempson - Dave Greenslade - Chris Farlowe
Cologne - Germany - 1994


This was filmed in 1994 and has a standard aspect ratio.

The sound is available in 5.0 or in stereo.
First of all the peformance is excellent.
This is a reunion concert, but it doesn't feel anyting like a reunion concert. This is not a dinosaur band going through the hits. They play each number with excitement and energy.

But, what really makes this DVD stand out is how it is filmed. The camera is always at the right spot at the right time. Long camera shots are held on whoever is doing a solo.

The DVD also comes with a great documentary on the band. It has archive videos of the band and some of the other bands these guys were in before Colosseum. The documentary goes through the whole history of the band, not just the current members. It really gives you a feel for the progressive/jazz/blues rock scene in the UK in the late sixties.