John Bonham
Royal Albert Hall London - 1970

Trust Your Ears: The Drum Tech Explorations of Jeff Ocheltree
Always been forgotten. Tuning!! this DVD is conducted by Jeff Ocheltree, the "drum tech" of a lot of great drummers, Billy Cobham, Lenny White, Danny Carey, and of course the Led Zepplin's John Bonham. what a "drum tech" do is like taking care of everything, from the setup, tuning, gear choice, mic placement, maintainence, etc., which is needed before the drummer actually sit down and play, and Ocheltree is said to be the world first "drum tech".

In this DVD, Ocheltree show ways that he used to tune Bonham kit, and also explained how he varies the tuning with differnet drummers/projects, he also tune up some of his collectible Lugwig kits, like the green sparkle kit and the orange Acrylic kit, once used by Bonham, and mike them, so we can hear the sound of every drumhead, top and bottom, of the Bonham kit, with make this DVD very valuable.

Also, Ocheltree shows us the Drumtree drums, the collabration of Ocheltree and cymbal maker Paiste, using cymbal alloy to make drums, and Tool's Danny Carey with have a go on the kit...... you can see a lot of different drummers play different style in this DVD, and Ocheltree will explain how the tuning of every drummers differs from each other.

So if you want to know more about how the man behind every drummers works, or you want to know more about different tuning you can use on drumkit, this DVD is one of the best one you can find in the market.

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