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Dizzy Gillespie and Chano Pozo's Latin-jazz classic, "Guachi-Guaro," was recorded and renamed Soul Sauce, the title track of the 1964 Verve release by bandleader Cal Tjader. This was Tjader's most popular recording, selling over 100'000 copies. We have expanded upon pianist Alain Mallet's funky arrangement of this classic which was originally recorded on Dave Samuel's tribute CD, Tjaderized (also on Verve). Although in the style of a cha-cha, there is a modern slant to the groove in this chart which Alain refers to as a "songo cha-cha."

The first time through the head, the emphasis of the groove is on beats 3 and 4.
Pay close attention to the bass on this groove:

The second time through the head, the horns enter and a more driving cha-cha feel is created with the addition of a bongo bell in the left hand:

This type of groove is maintained under the vibe solo before shifting gears to a boogaloo style under the Rhodes solo.
Known to many as shing-a-ling, the boogaloo is based on a funky eighth-note groove with a displaced third and fourth beat:

We return to the cha-cha groove for the trumpet solo which leads to the breakdown at measure 69. Notice that timbale fills are added over the repeated piano figure. Think of yourself as a timbalero and experiment with short, rhythmic phrases that will build up to the addition of congas at measure 73. Here is another opportunity to take advantage of blowing over a vamp. You'll notice that the timbales continue in this section as well, giving it a more traditional vibe. Feel free to use the entire kit to explore new rhythmic ideas.

We end this section with some ensemble figures and a unison percussion break which leads us into the head for the final time. Count the last two measures carefully as we've added a slight delay.

Play Along:

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Joe McCarthy's Afro-Cuban
Big Band Play-Along

Joe McCarthy's Afro-Cuban
Big Band Play-Along Series

The Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along book and CD gives the drummer/percussionist an opportunity to play contemporary Afro-Cuban music in a big band setting. The book and CD includes six charts from the Grammy®-award-winning Caribbean Jazz Project album, Afro-Bop Alliance (featuring Dave Samuels). The tracks, minus the drum/percussion parts, will give the player an opportunity to solo and experiment with a variety of groove and/or style variations.

The Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along DVD gives the drummer/percussionist an opportunity to play contemporary Afro-Cuban music in a big band setting. Playing tunes from the Latin Grammy-winning group Afro-Bop Alliance, drummer Joe McCarthy focuses on three of the predominant groove categories of mainstream Afro-Cuban music: mambo, cha-cha-cha and 6/8 Afro-Cuban. State-of-the-art camera work gives an in-depth look at Joe’s multi-level approach to playing these exciting rhythms, while his focused, straight-ahead concepts take the mystery out of applying these grooves to the music of today. The DVD features play-along tracks (minus the drums), an E-book containing the complete charts and examples demonstrated on the DVD, and bonus tracks of additional tunes from Afro-Bop Alliance.

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