Groove Style: Latin
The Mushanga Groove



I watch the video over and over and learn something every time. Sometimes it it what he says that counts. Other times it is by watching him hold the sticks and strike the drums other times it is how & what he plays. He was a master of a particular technique that I have yet to see ANY drummer pull off successfully since his untimely death in 1992.

Search Jeff Porcaro on google and be amazed at how many records he played on in his 38 years. Jeffs drumming is sorely missed and the entire music business has suffered from his loss. He played with some great artists but many times he was greater than the artist he was playing for! He could make the artists song a hit when no other drummer could. Hit=$.Read that last sentence again. To this day top name musicians are still asking themselves where is Jeff Poracro when I need him?

I have been playing the drums for 37 years as I write this. If you don't appreciate this video you simply don't get it. As for another persons (DVD) review regarding the Rossana beat, I don't know what the reviewer is thinking. Jeff shows you how to play it in great detail. You have to know how to read rhythms to appreciate it though. A booklet with the beats written out is included. This is drum video for serious drummers. Being an educated drummer (10 years of private lessons) has helped me appreciate Jeffs playing all the more.

If you have only been playing drums a short while it might take you a few years before you get a clue. You need to understand what a shuffle is -Jeff explains that and have an understanding of a second line drum beat, then you are on your way.

The video was originally made in 1988 so the quality is not up to the digital standards of today. Don't let that stop you from getting a drum lesson from one of the best & most successful drummers of all times.

Jeff Miller