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Horacio Hernandez: Solo Improvisation

Giovanni Hidalgo - Horacio Hernandez
Rumba Jam

Giovanni Hidalgo - Horacio Hernandez: Traveling Through Time
Traveling Through Time features two of the music world's most innovative Latin percussionists-Giovanni Hidalgo & Horacio El Negro Hernandez-performing music from their debut CD of the same title. Prepare to experience some of the most incredible footage of drum set and congas ever filmed. Interspersed within the stunning performances are educational segments where the 2 masters explain how they conceived each duet, how they approach their individual parts, and how they approach their improvisations within each piece, giving you never-before-seen insight into both their technical and musical applications.

The program also features two incredible solo improvisations by each player plus an extraordinary presentation by Gio of his conga technique and applying the rudiments and how they incorporates these techniques into his playing. Gio and Negro present a world of material in a casual, friendly, and informative setting that will leave you with a wealth of valuable practice material and inspiration. Special features include: an in-depth lesson from Gio, his philosophies, bonus solos by both, a photo gallery, Jam Master Gio & DJ Negro and much more.

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