Gregg Bissonette

Gregg Bissonette: Musical Drumming in Different Styles

Musical Drumming In Different Styles brilliantly showcases Gregg’s well rounded stylistic approach to drumming with over four hours of essential insights that have helped Gregg make a career out of being a great all-around drummer. The main focus is on becoming a more musical drummer, and creating and performing the right drum parts for the song.

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Ten stylistically diverse original songs that feature some of the world's finest musicians are performed and discussed in great detail.

Styles and related topics include: R & B Funk, Heavy Rock and Pop Rock, Afro- Cuban, Background Vocals, Elvin Jones type-Small group Swing, Classic Rock Grooves, Beat Displacement, Incorporating Rudiments,Texas Blues Shuffle, Keeping a Positive Attitude, Cool Fill Ideas, Playing the Right Part for the Song, Big Band Drumming and Articulation, Chopping Wood, Song Form, Odd Times, The Gigging Drummer,Tony Williams type-fast bebop, Playing a Musical Drum Solo, Warming up and Cooling Down, Auditioning, Studio Drumming, and many others.

SPECIAL DVD FEATURES: Camera Option-allows you to cut "jib" camera that moves above the drums on a boom, at any point during band track performances.

Alternate Edits-Three band tunes are offered with a double-inset edit where you can watch Gregg's bass drum part throughout.