Gil Sharone
Checking Out his DW Drums
from Gil Sharone and

The kit in this video was a loaned to Gil while his custom kit was being made. Here are the specs for both kits:

Loaner Kit:
Collector's Series Maple Exotic
Cherry Cluster Natural to Deep Rich Red Fade
with Chrome Hardware.
8X10 (VLT), 9X12 (VLT), 14X14 (X), 16X16 (VLX), 16x18 (VLX)
18X22 (VLX)
6.5X14 Maple Snare (VLT no re-hoops)
Natural Super Solid Snare (unknown size and thickness)

Gil's Custom Kit (not shown in this video):
Collector's Series Maple
Lacquer Specialty Black Pearl over Black
with Black Nickel Hardware
All with 3 ply reinforcement hoops
7x8 (X), 8x10 (VLT), 9x12 (VLT), 10x13 (VLT), 14x15 (X), 15x16 (VLX), 13x20 (VLX),
18x23 (VLX+),
5.5x14 Edge Snare (Standard), 5x14 Maple Snare (VLT, no re-hoops)

He also has a White Ice Performance Series Kit.

All drum kit audio was recorded using only the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder place 3.5 feet high and 10 feet away directly in front of the bass drum. Not only is this mic/recorder super-convenient, but we also feel it give the most honest and natural if you were standing in the room.