Groove Style: Metal Drumming
Double Bass Drum

from the DVD:
George Kollias: Intense Metal Drumming
George Kollias' "Intense Metal Drumming" DVD is the best display of precision speed drumming in existence. He has a sharing soul and his approach is simple to understand. This DVD will challenge you and inspire you to not give up working hard no matter who tries to stop you from playing as fast and precise as you can."

- Mike Mangini

This is the first DVD from Niles drummer George Kollias.

It starts off with the blast beat, and all the variations. He goes into detail of the exercises and all the different workouts to achieve the speed, power, and technicality that is needed in today's metal drumming.

He also goes into double bass technique. George is one of the fastest, most intense drummers out there. He explains the combination of heel-up and heel-down technique he utilizes to get up to 280bpm.

This DVD is a must for drummers trying to get ahead in the very competitive and challenging field of extreme metal drumming.