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Trading Fours

Ed Soph - Stefan Karlsson - John Adams

Trading Fours

Ed Soph: Musical Time - DVD
A step-by-step approach to playing musical time in a jazz rhythm section
World renowned Jazz performer Ed Soph takes the mystery out of effective and exciting Jazz drumming, whether you're new to the kit of a seasoned player. In this DVD, Soph provides a fully comprehensive set of tutorials covering many aspects of Jazz playing including...

• Setting up and effective rehearsals
• Playing techniques for Hi-Hat, Kick, Ride and Snare
• Dynamic balance ad working as part of a rhythm section
• Co-ordination and comping patterns
• Musical use of accents and syncopations
Through these tutorials you will discover new ways to assess your own playing abilities, and create a more musical sound with your kit. An accompanying book and CD are also available, using catalogue number HMP010241.
Rick Latham celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Advanced Funk Studies by issuing two path-breaking videos on one DVD for the first time. This updated release of Advanced Funk Studies will make a strong addition to the Carl Fischer Music percussion catalog and compliments Latham's best selling publications Advanced Funk Studies and Contemporary Drumset Techniques.

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