Ed Shaughnessy & The Buddy Rich Big Band
from "Burning for Buddy" - Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich - 1994

from the private collection of Ed Shaughnessy

Neil Peart invited 18 of the world's most respected drummers to record an album as the ultimate tribute to Bernard "Buddy" Rich. This DVD was shot during those Burning for Buddy sessions.

It contains preparations for the recording, final takes, interviews with the drummers about Buddy, candid footage of the control room during playback, and more, all tied together by Neil Peart's beautiful commentary. This 2 DVD set features: Kenny Aronoff, Gregg Bissonette, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, David Garibaldi, Neil Peart, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl and many more. Running time is over 5 hours.

There are far too many highlights to mention here, and you are sure to find those little gems that you will love more than I did. With the various tempos and approaches you see and hear here, you can't help but find several you love.

If you are a drummer, you will be provided some pointed insights into your craft. These 2 discs are a marvelous exposition of what the drums as an instrument are capable of -- many rich and varied textures shown here.

As for you Gearheads.... get ready for some sweet set-ups. I saw some parts of drum kits I'd never ever seen before. WARNING! You are gonna want some of what you are going to see!

If you like Big Band music or if you're a fan of drums, this is a Must Have for your collection. In my estimation, worth far more than what the price commands. After viewing these 2 discs, you will come away with a deeper appreciation of your favorite drummers regardless of what kind of music they play... and isn't that worth quite a bit when something makes your old, familiar music new again?

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