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from Donny's Hudson Digital Video "Seeing Sounds"

Donny Gruendler: Creating and Performing Drum Loops
In the DVD Creating and Performing Drum Loops, world-class clinician and educator Donny Gruendler (PIT/Musicians Institute faculty) walks you through the entire process of track programming, equipment wiring, and performance to prepare you for any commercial gig. Through clear, step-by-step explanations (including performance lessons, demo software, and companion session files), Donny presents the viewer with four songs each featuring a different programming method, equipment setup, and performance strategy. Creating and performing drum loops, click tracks, predetermined backing tracks, multi-channel backing tracks, manual loop triggering, and acoustic drum triggering are all presented in great detail. Gruendler also demonstrates how to put your skills to work during exciting live performance footage, featuring songs from Rhett Frazier Inc. Includes Ableton Live and BFD demo software for a truly interactive learning experience. Duration: 150 minutes.

About the Author
A resident of Los Angeles, Donny Gruendler is a faculty member at Musicians Institute (PIT) in Hollywood, California, where he created the curriculum for both their technology and ensemble programs. An alumnus of both Berklee College of Music (Boston) and Wayne State University (Detroit), he has performed, programmed, toured and recorded behind such diverse artists as Kenny Burrell, John Medeski, D.J. Logic, Euro-Rock outfit JuliaFly, Rick Holmstrom, and Rhett Frazier Inc. Donny has also written numerous articles for Modern Drummer magazine.

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