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from the book: Mastering The Tables Of Time


David Stanoch: Mastering the Tables Of Time
This book applies the rhythmic patterns, which have been referred to as Times Tables and Rhythm Scales by various drummers in the past, to the drumset to help you improve your technique, groove, coordination, polyrhythmic abilities, and soloing skills.

It concentrates on what author David Stanoch refers to as the Standard Timetable. It consists of exercises designed to develop your ability to play duple and triple subdivisions inside a quarter-note pulse. It will, eventually, be followed by a second volume covering the subdivisions of five, seven, and nine referred to by the author as the World Timetable. This table is included at the end of this book as an introduction to volume two.

This book contains a wealth of information and exercises that will help drummers of all styles and experience levels expand their creativity by becoming more intimately familiar with the Standard Timetable or so-called Rhythm Scales. While not a work for those who aren't interested in lots of regular practice, those who do put the necessary time into it will gain mastery over a wealth of rhythmic complexities. And, as a bonus, purchasers of the book get free access to the online audio/video companion, courtesy of author David Stanoch.

This book was voted best drum book in Modern Drummer's 2009 Readers' Poll.

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