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a fine Jazz Funk Groove

David Garibaldi: 4-N Matter (by Norbert Stachel)
David explains some fine Jazz Funk Grooves

David Garibaldi: Tower of Groove: Complete
Alfred Publishing re-released this DVD, which combines the Tower of Groove 1 & 2 videos along with brand new footage on a single DVD.

One of the greatest funk drummers of all time, Dave performs four great tunes with a six-piece band and then breaks down his drum part in each tune section by section. Styles covered include Latin, funk, hip-hop, and jazz.

He also demonstrates the drum grooves from seven classic Tower of Power tunes. David Garibaldi combines his innovations of funk from his Tower of Power days with his new innovations in Afro-Cuban music and demonstrates how to incorporate them into modern music.

This DVD shows you how to become your own drummer and how to create your own signature sound.  It’s perfect for drummers of all skill levels!

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