Dave Grohl - Taylor Hawkins (FOO FIGHTERS)
Wembley Stadium - London

Foo Fighters: Live At Wembley Stadium....

I wasn't even a huge Foo Fighters fan before I bought this blu-ray disc - I was partially getting it for the Jimmy Page/John Paul Jones experience. Well that all changed in a matter of two seamless hours of spine tingling Rock 'N Roll! Folks, this is one of the best shows you'll *EVER* see.

After watching the disc for about the 10th time I'd have to say Dave's ferocity, accompanied by the insane jam session and drum solo during "Stacked Actors", makes this one of the best performances I've seen on video in the past 20 years. By the time Page and Jones come out it's like icing on top of icing on the cake - no wonder Dave breaks down like a little girl for a second. And when Dave switches with Taylor to pound on the pig skins for "Rock 'N Roll" and you see the look in his eyes, I do believe he's actually dead and in heaven. As for Taylor Hawkins nailing Robert Plant's vox (less the impossible highs)... WOW, who knew? I didn't. These guys are AMAZING. And to see every detail of them, their instruments, the crowd, and Wembley Stadium in fine detail is simply breathtaking.

The *only* flaw in the entire TWO HOUR performance (and I wasn't even going to mention this but I must because it's actually kinda funny) is Dave has no clue what half the lyrics are to Zep's "Ramble On". They should have titled the song "Mumble On" for the disc - it's all good though, the triangle solo makes up for it :)

As for anyone who complains about extras missing from the disc, all I have to say to that is, "86,000 FANS plus JOHN PAUL JONES and JIMMY PAGE for TWO ZEPPELIN SONGS" (THERE'S YOUR EXTRAS)!


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