Daniel Humair - Dexter Gordon - George Gruntz - Guy Pedersen
Belgium 1964

Dexter Gordon: Live in 63' and 64'

Dexter Gordon features three concerts filmed in 1963 and 1964 in Holland, Switzerland and Belgium that highlight the bebop legend's classic style and silky tone.

Filmed while Dexter was living in Europe, these shows feature legendary side musicians such as Art Taylor (drums) and Kenny Drew (piano) and jazz classics "Blues Walk", "A Night In Tunisia", "Body And Soul" and others.

One of the most influential saxophonists in jazz history (both John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins claim him as an influence), Dexter Gordon is captured in sharp form and style on this 70-minute tour de force.

Dexter Gordon fans will find plenty to love on this DVD of three European TV shows filmed in the 1960s. Dexter is in top form on seven songs, really stretching out and getting the lion's share of the solo time.

The band on "Second Balcony Jump" and "You've Changed" consists of Dexter, Kenny Drew(p), Gilbert "Bibi" Rovere(b), and Art Taylor(d).

The rest of the program has George Gruntz(p), Guy Pedersen(b), and Daniel Humair(d) backing Dexter on "A Night in Tunisia", "What's New", Clifford Brown's "Blues Walk", "Lady Bird", and "Body and Soul". The ballads are masterful and gorgeous (of course).

If you're a fan of Dexter's Blue Note albums you won't be disappointed. If you're unfamiliar with this tenor giant, this is a good place to start.

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