Colin Bailey
Bass Drum Technique
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Colin Bailey: Bass Drum Technique
Colin Bailey: Bass Drum Technique coaches drummers on speed and control techniques on the bass drum in order to improve creativity, musical vocabulary, and endurance.

Colin methodically displays his techniques on DVD for the first time through clear-cut lessons, much of which are applied in special performances with his jazz trio (John Chiodini, guitar; Jim Hughart, bass).

Colin Bailey is a world-renowned professional jazz drummer and author whose legendary book Bass Drum Control is still revered as a staple lesson book for jazz drummers. Lessons based on the time-honored book are included in the Colin Bailey: Bass Drum Technique via a downloadable workbook. Also included is a one-on-one Colin Bailey interview with Drum Channelís Don Lombardiña must-have for fans of the distinguished drummer and jazz aficionados.
"Mention Colin Baileyís name to any jazz drummer and thereís an instant recognition and an unspoken appreciation of his talent on the instrument," says Steven Cerra of Jazz Profiles. Colleague and professional drummer Gregg Bissonette says, ìI highly recommend this DVD to anyone serious about bass drum technique.

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