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Making Music features two of the most creative musicians in contemporary music. Victor and Carter have known each other since they were kids, growing up in Charlottseville VA, but the "Yin Yang" album was the first project that they had ever done together. Hudson Music filmed these two incredible musicians for two days while they recorded two tracks for "Yin Yang" (Compass Records). Making Music will give you an inside look as two great songs, "Zynergy" and "Resolution" are introduced, developed and recorded. It's a fascinating process to watch when players of this caliber are involved.

On this exhilarating DVD, Carter Beauford, world famous drummer for the Dave Matthews Band, performs along with the rhythm tracks from six of the band's best songs, including 'Ants Marching' and 'Satellite.' Carter covers such topics as left hand lead/open-hand approaches, fills, double bass drums, drum set and cymbal setup, time feel, background and influences, the early days of Dave Matthews Band, and more. Also features previously unreleased live footage of the Dave Matthews Band.

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