Paul Elliott is a rare breed of drummer - a virtuoso PLAYER, TEACHER and CLINICIAN rolled into one.

In TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, Paul discusses the role and importance of technique in drumming, methodically analysing and demonstrating many of the common problems associated with technique.  Following a blistering free solo, Paul goes on to cover Bounce, Stroke and Foot techniques, together with sections (with bass-player, Terry Gregory) on the relationship of technique to Groove playing  and Vocabulary.  You cannot fail to be impressed as, throughout the video, Paul demonstrates his effortless control, versatility and musicality.
TECHNICALLY SPEAKING will give you an invaluable and inspirational insight into the importance of developing good technique by a truly great musician and educator. 

"You won't go far wrong purchasing this video....If this is the only video that you buy this year, then it's an excellent and informative purchase" - Mike Dolbear
"Paul's technique is astoundingly controlled and relaxed, which should convince you to listen to what he has to say. Careful attention to Paul's coaching could spare you a lifetime of pain, both mentally and physically. You know it makes sense."
- Geoff Nicholls  ( Making Music )
So, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!