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Dave Lombardo: "Angel of Death" from Reign in Blood (1986)

by Rich Lackowski

Level: Advanced

Check out Lombardo's drumming on Reign in Blood, which was named the "no.1 Trash Metal Album of All Time" by Kerrang, ranked No.1 in Metal Hammer's "Top 200 Albums" list, and dubbed "One of the All-Time Top 50 Albums Made in California " by Bam.
Lombardo's double-kick and tom fill after the guitar solo on "Angel of Death" is one of the most talked about recorded drum moments in metal history.

from the book:
Original part (not included in the book)

Let's start by playing steady sixteenth notes on the kick drums. Start slowly and increase the tempo as you feel comfortable.

Next, get a feel for quarter-note triplets, which we'll play on the snare while playing quarter notes on the kick.

Now, let's play the quarter-note triplets on the snare while playing eight notes on the kick.

Next, play the quarter-note triplets on the snare while playing sixteenth notes on the kick drums.

Finally, put the phrase together by starting the double-kick drum beat wirth a strong flam on the snare, and play quarter-note triplet flams on the toms in the third measure. With a little practice, you'll be playing this legendary drum fill just like Dave Lombardo!

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