Seeking a New Bass Drum Pedal for Rock

Paul Blood

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I've been playing what I think is an entry level Tama chain pedal with no plate for the last 30 years. It has worked fine for what I've been doing (very light "dinner music" ) but I have just joined a classic rock band that will require much more power and some speed too (Led Zepplin, Toto, Grand for example) We did our first rehearsal last night and the poor Tama spring kept coming lose, it's a bit of a PITA to tighten because you have to take the pedal off the bass drum to tighten it. The Tama just wasn't cutting it for the volume and speed needed for this music. It worked fine at home as I prepared the material, but I guess I playing quite a bit softer as prepared at home.

Since it's be so long since I've bought a pedal (before the Tama I had an 80's Yamaha with a strap, but I lost it, and also a Speed King , which I hated because the metal "strap" would come off all the time. I was just a kid , so maybe I didn't have set up right?

Anyways, It seems like the top of line pedals come with a plate nowadays. which seem like it would add to the stability but harder to pack into a hardware bag? Also, I'm not sure about a strap or chain. I'm open for anything, but I always thought Yamaha hardware is great.

Maybe too much information, but what kind of bass drum pedal are you rock guys using these days?
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I have been a fan of Tama pedals since the early 80s I can recommend the Iron Cobra and the Speed Cobra I currently use both SC dbl at home and the IC on gigs. I like to use a big wooden beater with a patch on the head, gives it more volume. I have played some Pearl mid priced pedals on kits provided for me and they were nice also
I was with Axis in the early '90s and have been playing them since, but they are direct drive. Smoothest/lightest feeling pedals I've played, but that could just be familiarity.

There are so many great options out there that I'm glad I don't have to decide which ones to buy. It would be mind boggling.

Although, I'm sure it was meant tongue-in-cheek, there certainly is some truth in Bo's sentiment above.
Not really meant as tongue-in-cheek. There’s a lot of truth to it especially around California. Everybody seems to have one, even me for several years. I’ll think I’ll go get another one.

(See how that works? 😂😂)
I have the Pearl Eliminator. Highly adjustable and get's great reviews all around.

I also have a DW5000... I don't hate it.

I have been eying the new offering from Yamaha. The FP9C. The chain drive model comes with a strap. So if you choose to convert it, you're set.

Yamaha FP9C Review

Since you've been with the same brand for 3 decades, upgrade to an Iron Cobra & you'll take that to your grave.

I'm a DW5000 guy & have loved it for a long time like you did the Tama. When you find what works, just keep on truckin'...
At this price $64 you can buy 2..
(if you buy 2 and don't like I'll buy 1 off ya; )

Funny it seems everyone last eve took a look at their long serving BD pedals..
(what's up with that?...)

DW6000 is another, that still has (to someone me that started in 1968) no weirdo plate..
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Shops? what are those ; )... they were easy to get to in the 90s and early 00's...
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I'd go to a shop and try some pedals out to see what you like before you get something blind. Don't go off what we say you'd like, because we don't have your feet.
This is so true. The times I sit in on guys kits. I'm amazed at their pedal and how they have it set up. I use a DW 9000 with a bit of a lighter beater. Backline usually has a factory beater, which I can deal with for 90 minutes but not my favorite.

All the Tama guys seem to have a lot less throw on their beater and it's a lot lighter. Which they seem to like and associate as being faster. But it definitely doesn't work for me. I think there's some threads on the form about this because I know I've commented on it before. The Tama versus DW guys
ah nevermind @WuHan Solo a no plate fella here Thanks : )
"I fear the plate"..
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Most pedals are quite good, but you need to try them for yourself. A drum shop is preferable for good selection, but even Guitar Center or Sam Ash (or Long & McQuade in Canada) will have enough different pedals to choose from.

I've been using the Ludwig Atlas Pro (predecessor to the current Speed Flyer) since 2015 and am very happy with it. Prior to that I used the Taye Metalworks, and DW5000 and 9000. But I've also owned Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, Sonor, Trick, Rogers, Drumnetics et al. I'm happiest with the Ludwig. :)
wow. that's interesting. :hmm:
what country are you in..
how much would you ask for it

I have a chain lo-end Tama and a Strap 5000 DW and the chain Tama---being a strap 5000 guy for so long- the Chain (has recently...) seems faster-think it's the cam difference... so I don't know what I'm doing +/-
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that's what he wants a List .. a list to choose from.
Everyone has their preference and a thread like this can easily turn into a list.
Fwiw, the Pearl P930 is the only piece of gear that didn't belong to me that I've ever played and immediately gone out and bought one of my own.
I was pleasantly surprised by it, myself. I wanted to try a "longboard" pedal ...... and the P930 was $100 less than the Tama SpeedCobra. Still, I break out my Tama/Camco pedals once it a while ..... but the P930/P932's are def. my mains.